Game 1 – Eagles

Our first week at Recess Arcade Bar was a success, even though we repeatedly lose, our fans show up in troves. We filled the bar with 150+ Brows fans cheering until the final minute. I’m reminded of what it means to be a Browns fan. Excitement, joy, letdown.

Game 1 2012 Recess Arcade Bar

Eagles 2012

The defense was outstanding, creating 5 turnovers and almost had a couple more. Holding the Eagles to 17 points after we gave them 4 turnovers keeps the hope alive for the season.

Even with a stellar defensive performance the offense was disappointing. Weeden had 4 interceptions and missed some targets deep, going 12/35 ending with a 5.1 QB rating. I have to think Colt could have managed the game for a win. Trent Richardson didn’t have an outstanding performance either going for 39 yards on 19 carries. It’s hard to fault him for the lack luster showing, the o-line couldn’t create much of a push upfront. He did make an outstanding hit that popped the helmet off Kurt Coleman, leaving him with a split lip and chin.

The season and the future of the Browns will be determined on this year’s draft with Richardson, Weeden and Gordon. I hope Weeden will settle down and prove to be an elite QB. Richardson needs a little time to get his legs back after getting a knee scope at the beginning of preseason.

I have us going 4-12 for the season. The tough schedule will cost us a couple games and the rookies on offense won’t get it together until the second half of the season.